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Here’s proof of iPhone 6S’s major camera upgrade

Here's proof of iPhone 6S's major camera upgrade

For months, rumours and reports have suggested that the camera will be one of the biggest changes we see in the next iPhone. Now, we have more evidence that this may indeed be the case.

Developer Hazma Sood, who has posted accurate information about iOS updates in the past, just made an interesting observation regarding iOS 9.

Sood spotted some code that hints a few new features could be coming to the iPhone’s front-facing camera, including the ability to capture 1080p video, shoot in 240 frames-per-second slow motion, capture panoramic images, and a new flash.

This would be a big step up for the iPhone’s FaceTime camera — the front camera on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus only capture video in 720p, and doesn’t support shooting slow motion video or panoramic photos. There’s no flash on the front facing camera either.

Here’s the tweet from Sood, which shows a screenshot of the code that hints at these features:

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