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Featured, fashionable camera lenses at Gearbest online store

How would you feel when are able to take extremely high quality pictures just with the help of your smartphone? Great, awesome and that feel of a good photographer may again pop out of your heart.

Let me tell you some things which you will start to do when you purchase the product I show to you, click more pictures every day, show off your photography skills, increase the no of photos in your social profile and keep on repeating the things I mentioned above.

So without much delay here is the Cat Style Clamp Camera for you and your needs. Starting with design the cat style clamp camera has a cat clip design, while buying the product I doubted the quality but that was not the case and the quality of plastic is actually quite good. Major content of the package were the three lenses and a clip, a small pouch was too provided.

After giving a decent look at the designing part, I had a look at compatibility of the lens with different mobiles phones and what I found was it is tailor made for many of today’s smart phones, Iphone 6 and Samsung s5 had no compatibility problems, checkout some more iphone-lenses and see what suits you and your mobile the best.

Coming to telephoto lens the magnification is 10x and angle of view is 16 degrees, it shoots any picture extremely clearly that is within the range of 300 meters. When we talk about the wide angle lens the magnification is 0.67x and the benefit of this lens is that you can capture a larger area in a picture. Fishy lens captures the 180 degree area and thus capture fishy pictures reveal the beauty of hidden world.

It is one of the best hot growing products in the market these days and it has a bright future, especially with the quality of pictures it provides that too with great affordable prices.

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