Data entry jobs in Bangalore

Data entry tasks may be considered as a relatively simple task compared to the bigger projects like web designing, web development, and customers support, but this one simple task can actually prevent the entire business from missing out on the right direction due to too much data disorder. All the data that the business hold serves as the backbone of the rest of their processes, thus a proper system or process of organizing these is deemed necessary. Most businesses end up dealing with disorganized data because they get too caught up with ‘more’ important tasks, not realizing, that in the long run, the lack of data organization and update can still impede the major task of the business.

Hiring people for data entry jobs in Bangalore is among the best options for companies that are facing similar challenges since virtual assistants in general do not really cost as much as hiring in-house employees, so businesses can still be confident that it won’t harm their budget. Data entry job in Bangalore is also not expensive to hire.


Data Entry is an essential necessity for any business. Gigantic changes have occurred in the field of data entry and data handling work in light of the fact that it truly be less demanding than common.

Data Entry is one of the critical elements of your business and accordingly, you must guarantee that it is managed in a decent person.

Despite the fact that the innovation, globalization, urbanization and different exercises identified with the Internet continue will empower the Indian much risk of their own city and their home to seize.

With the approach of innovation, the data entry job have turned into an industry in itself and that excessively beneficial one. It has turned into a crucial specialty of any association whether huge or little, as it obliges a wide range of organizations needs. It conveys precision and right data to every one of the offices under the association. Maybe, data entry jobs are adept for budgetary division, as it needs capable labourers to enter the numbers at standard interims. That is the purpose behind numerous associations to choose these jobs for a decent future. Besides, these specialists help the association to accomplish its objectives on time by checking bunches of superfluous time. Consequently, this is the principal purposes behind any undertaking to contract data entry jobs. They additionally depend upon them as they offer financially savvy arrangements.
Finding the perfect person is always crucial. Make sure you know what it takes to hire and also place ads in relevant websites. For example these kinds of jobs like computer operator job are semi-skilled and must not be placed in blue-collared sites like LinkedIn.

Using Technology to Save Money

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E-pathshala to put textbooks at fingertips

NEW DELHI: Gone are the days when one would have to wait to get the textbooks or make do with the old ones due to short supply. And parents would wait for the half-yearly or annual exam results to know the progress of their wards. Now, everything is available on mobile application e-pathshala, launched by the ministry of human resource development on Monday with the concept of “learning on the go”.

An app for all stake holdersstudents, teachers and parentsit not only provides all the textbooks of NCERT online which can be downloaded on the smart phone, one can also see recorded video lectures, and parents can check the learning outcomes of the students as well. Even educators can log in to get access to periodicals and teachers too can access teaching instructions.

E-pathshala, which is available through a especially developed mobile app interface on Android, IOS and windows platforms, is broadly divided into four segmentsstudents, teachers, parents and educators. The resources are available in three languagesEnglish, Hindi and Urdu.

While agreeing that it is a good concept, principals feel that there are pros and cons for every technical intervention. Ameeta Mohan, principal, Amity International, Pushp Vihar said, “It will motivate students to log online and see the chapters. It will also be easier for parents, as well as for students who sometimes forget to bring the books to school. And the studious ones will make most of this application. However, the feel of the book cannot be replaced.”

Tania Joshi, principal, The Indian School said, “Technology intervention is very good. But the question is how many parents and students are going to use this? When all the NCERT textbooks were digitised, my students downloaded them but then they said that the book is not there. The learning outcome based on such applications will not be far reaching right now, but there will be a time when everything will be online. But now, internet connectivity is not up to the mark and for this to be a success one has to improve the internet connectivity.”

For students, they get to access the e-books, audio/video tutorials and can keep track of the books they accessed, hours spent on a certain subject/ book and even bookmark the chapters studied. Teachers can download teaching manuals and curricular resources which are listed class and subject wise. Parents too can access the e-resources and the additional feature in this section is the learning outcome. The final stakeholder, the educators too can log into this application and get access to additional periodicals. Right now tertiary educational periodicals are available for educators.

New vocational courses come at fag end of session in Delhi schools

NEW DELHI: There are just a few months to go for this school year to get over but not late enough, apparently, to launch vocational courses. The Directorate of Education has also asked two vocational courses selected by schools to be replaced by new ones. “Classroom teaching” will start from November 16.

The DoE is introducing vocational education for ninth-graders from the current academic year -2015-16 -in 205 of its secondary and senior-secondary schools. The heads of these schools were asked to offer two vocational courses from a list of eight; the student could pick one as an additional subject. This was to be done on the pattern of the centrally-sponsored National Skill Qualifications Framework.

Now the DoE has discovered that of the eight originally decided on, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) “has…expressed its inability to grant afficiliation to two.” A circular from November 6 says the two subjects are “beauty and wellness” and “general duty assistant (health sector).”

The circular says of the 205, 21 picked only those two to offer and 73 other picked at least one of the two. They are now being asked to “opt for any two of the six [remaining] vocational subjects…in consultation with students.” Clearly books aren’t in place yet as the ciruclar says ,” Efforts are being made to arrange text books/ study material for each of these six vocational subjects” and “all the schools will be provided with qualified vocational trainers/ teachers through vocational training partners in each of the six subjects.”

The circular advises heads of school to keep the roll-strength of each section at about 50 and create as many sections as they need. The ninth-grade time-table has also been redrawn to accommodate the extra subject. “According [to the timetable], workload of full time vocational trainer/teacher [will be] made available to school can be worked out. In cases where a large number of students have opted for any vocational subject, requirement of additionl vocational trainer/ teacher for that subject must be immediately communicated to vocational branch….Other logistic[al] requirements of the schools due to implementation of vocational subjects will also be met…in due course of time,” adds the circular.

Special aptitude test for Maharashtra state board students soon

Special aptitude test for Maharashtra state board students soon
The aptitude tests would be conducted in February every year after the allotment of seat number for students.

AURANGABAD: Over 15 lakh state board students will appear for first-of-its-kind aptitude test to be introduced from the current academic year to enable them to make effective career choices ahead. The tests would be conducted online and also offline in schools without the internet facility.

The school education department has announced such tests across schools affiliated with the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE). The maiden test is scheduled to held in February next year ahead of start of the board examinations. Considering the increasing number of students opting for higher education in the state, the government has decided to introduce these tests along with career counselling through available machinery based on outcome of results.

“The aptitude tests would be conducted in February every year after the allotment of seat number for students. These tests will be held during the course of practical examinations for SSC. The outcome of these tests will be shared with students by April or May through our official website,” said MSBSHSE chairman Gangadhar Mhamane.

He added that a special certificate will be issued to students based on outcome of aptitude test along with the distribution of the regular marksheets later. It is the need of the hour to introduce such measure to ensure young talent gets right opportunity in career matters.

As per National Policy of Education, it is necessary to have effective career guidance and counselling at the level of secondary school education. Confusion is common among students and their parents while taking career decisions after the SSC examination. Choosing further higher studies in keeping with the interest and the aptitude of students can help in tapping talent among youth, states Baban Mali, additional secretary of the department in a latest government resolution.

The MSBSHSE has been awarded the responsibility of conducting aptitude test and declaring its results. The outcome of these tests would be used for career counselling of aspirants willing to pursue higher studies or vocational education. The Mumbai-based Institute of Vocational Guidance and Selection and its eight regional offices have been entrusted with responsibility of guiding students on their career choices.

Stating that this institute has limitations in reaching out across the state due to technical and staff crunch, the education department has underlined the need of holding special aptitude tests. The Institute of Vocational Guidance and Selection and its regional offices have around 539 teacher-counsellors with psychological tests being conducted using traditional paper-pencil approach.

On the other hand, Maharashtra has around 22,000 secondary and higher secondary schools/colleges, where nearly 65 lakh students study, it was said. The existing format of tests being conducted by said Mumbai-based institute will be restructured with the help of experts and associated organisations for evolving the format of aptitude test.

The government has also formed special task force to develop and carry out these aptitude tests. The task force has been given the mandate to restructure the existing psychological tests, devise online and offline methods of holding aptitude tests and charting out execution plan for these tests forms.

Led by Maharashtra commissioner of education, this 11-member panel will have heads of MSBSHE, primary education department, State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and National Informatics Centre (NIC) among other establishments concerned as its members. It will have four nominated members from non-profit groups working in the field of education.

Objective of aptitude test is to help each SSC student to make correct career decision while selecting higher studies

Measures are planned to make students and their parents aware about career options based on the outcome of test

Result of these tests would not be linked to any further admission process

After SSC examination, a dedicated career guidance helpline will be started by the education department at the SCERT

Mumbai-based Institute of Vocational Guidance and Selection and its regional offices will also provide career guidance services


“The aptitude tests will be conducted in February every year after the allotment of seat number for students. These tests would be held during the course of the SSC practical examinations. The outcome of these tests will be shared with students by April or May through our official website. It is the need of the hour to introduce such measures to ensure young talent gets the right opportunity in career” – Gangadhar Mhamane, MSBSHSE chairman

PU teachers to wear black badges on November 18 and 19

CHANDIGARH: On November 18 and 19, teachers of Panjab University (PU) will wear black badges to mark their protest against the delay of grants by the centre. In an executive meeting held at PU on Friday, Panjab University Teachers’ Association (Puta) decided to start an agitation as the pending liabilities of the university have already crossed Rs 150 crore.

On the 19th evening, Puta executive will meet again to assess the situation and if by then, grants are not released, Puta shall chalk out a plan for future course of action. Moreover, the non-teaching association has already been approached to join ranks against the delay in the release of the grant.

“This university is one of the top-notch institutions of the country and also holds a notable world ranking, which is only possible because of the hard work of its employees. If the prospect of getting the minimum and that is the salaries is jeopardized, then it will be very discouraging for its employees, especially teachers.

Moreover, the university is known for teaching and research and the delay in grants is affecting all this and the entire functioning of the university,” said Mohammad Khalid, former Puta president.

Earlier, Puta in its general body meeting held on October 29 had decided that if the grants were not released by mid-November, it would protest against the same.

“In the meeting, it was told to the executive that the central government grants have not come yet, which is a matter of serious concern for the teachers and all the employees of the university. Even if an inquiry is going on, it does not make sense to stop grants,” added Khalid.

Puta president Akshay Kumar in the general body meeting on October 29 had said that though the fact-finding committee had every right to inquire about irregularities, there was no rationale for stopping the grant, because of which disbursal of salaries to PU employees had become difficult.

IISc only Indian institute to make it to top 100 universities list

NEW DELHI: An Indian University has featured on the list of top 100 varsities in the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking for the first time.

Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science (IISc) has been ranked 99th in engineering and technology category of the ranking released on Wednesday.

“This year’s stand-out success story has to be India, making its debut in this prestigious engineering and technology ranking, which represents the top few per cent of world universities for these subject disciplines,” said THE World University Rankings editor Phil Baty.

“Whether you look at high-tech sectors such as IT or aerospace engineering or more traditional fields such as steelmaking, India’s engineering and technology prowess is highly visible the world over in the shape of companies based in India or run by people born in India, such as Google and Microsoft, Infosys and Wipro or Tata and Mittal.”

The US institutions dominated the top 10 list with the Stanford University, California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology getting first three positions.

The number of US institutions on the list has come down to 31 from 34 last year. Asia universities have gone up to 25 positions from 18 in 2014.

Baty said like their flagship World University Rankings, the THE ranking for engineering and technology subjects applies rigorous standards.

It uses tough global benchmarks across all of a global research university’s key missions — teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

“But although the table employs the same range of 13 performance indicators they have been carefully recalibrated to fit more closely the research culture in this subject,” said Baty.

Maximum weightage (30%) is given to teaching-learning environment and research followed by research, citations (27.5) and international outlook (7.5%).

IISc scored 60.7 points for teaching and 46.7 in research as per performance breakdown of the ranking. In teaching, IISc is among the top 50 universities while for research it is ranked 77th.

Baty said while the US and UK still dominates the upper echelons of this table, Asia is shifting the balance of power, proving that its institutions are world-class in this field.

“Six Asian universities — the National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, Peking and Tsinghua Universities from China and Korea’s Seoul National University — make the top 30.”

Forex Money Management With XFR Financial Ltd Software

It’s not unusual for many to enter forex market in anticipation of making huge profits in the shortest possible time but they don’t seem to realize it’s not all that easy. Any business demands you to act and make decisions that are meant to avoid making big losses. The same strategy is applicable for forex trading and is thus called forex money management. It entails all kinds of savings, investing, budgeting and spending to have a control over finances for enhancing profits and keeping losses to minimum level. So, for effective trading of forex through XFR Financial Ltd you need to be aware of some basic rules for managing your money.

Rules for managing forex money with XFR Financial Ltd

The rules of managing money vary with traders. These rules vary the strategy and personality traits of an individual trader. What matters the most is that you mange your funds in a logical rather than an emotional manner. Beginners to this trade tend employing the wrong ways for managing their money. They consider forex trading to be comparable to gambling. That makes it vital to appreciate rules of managing your forex funds. The rules framed by XFR Financial Ltd come handy for traders in handling their account efficiently by providing them with the information necessarily needed for trading profitably.

The most significant thing you should know about managing your money with forex trading

Forex trading is associated with risks and one can’t make profits without taking some calculated risks. Rules for managing forex money are framed to reduce risks and help trader realize and avoid taking the biggest risks and if it would be wise for you to take risks under certain circumstances. The proposed rules for managing money could help trader to discover the amount of currency lots they should sell or purchase in a given market situation. It helps dealers in assessing the maximum risk percentages under various market circumstances and in keeping the losses at lowest level. The traders can then decide the volume of trade they could do under certain circumstances.

These rules of money management though aimed at minimizing risks also help enhancing your profits. These are designed to tell traders the rationale of rewards and thus the correct forex strategy required for achieving it. These rules help taking control of accounts with fewer risky decisions. While trading through XFR Financial Ltd, you need to prepare your rules for getting the best price of trade on that basis. Managing your forex money is the most vital feature of formulating your policies and all forex traders, whether novice or professional need to follow these rules. These rules assist trader to work with funds in a better controlled manner which aims at generating higher profit and lower losses. 469 Oct 29th