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5 All-Important Engineering Education Examinations in India

Over the last two decades of career studies in India, the subjects of engineering has always been preferred in many occasions, Infact it has led rise to a whole new world where IT has been so remarkable profited. Well, in every field of IT industries, there is a huge requirement for the people. Thus a lot of students come on to take part in the admission of engineering colleges. However, getting admission into an engineering college will take an examination procedure which you need to crack and get the best results out for your career. Here are 5 All-Important Engineering Education Examinations in India and the better you do it in these examinations, is the better ranked college you get an admission in.

  1. JEE Main

Though preferred as one of the main entrance level examinations in India, the JEE mains is conducted all over the country and colleges to admire it. The best part of giving the JEE mains exam is that you need to crack the pass marks to get and admission. With an online counseling procedure you can now get admitted to different colleges which will enlist you in the ranks. This is indeed quiet high and what you need to do is simply apply for the test online.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must pass out the class 12 board exams to be eligible
  • You must keep a valid certificate of your class and quota
  • Residential Proof is another must to be taken care of
  • Other documents such as mark sheets and birth certificates must not be violated
  1. JEE Advanced

JEE Advance is the advanced stage of entrance exams which people can go for. Infact the best part of applying here is that you can get admitted to the A graded colleges such as the IITs and the others. The advanced level of exam is much tougher to crack and it is indeed quite difficult for you to get a hold of. So what you need to do is give the exam with full preparation. You can only give the JEE advanced exam if you have given the JEE mains.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be eligible for the JEE Mains Exam
  • You must be present for the JEE Mains Exam
  • You must have proper legal documents
  • You must be within the rank of 150000 students in the JEE Mains

If you are looking for one of the private institutes to study engineering then why not the Birla Group of institutes? In this case, you need to apply for the BITSTAT examination and go for it. However when compared to the different entrance exams, the mark of students applying for this is constantly increasing day by day and it is going to be better for everyone. Thus cracking this exam will give you an option to study in Birla colleges.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have a minimum of 75% aggregate in the science subjects
  • You must pass out of the 10+2 board exams

This is the entrance exam of the Vellore Institution of Technology where many people are applying for a chance to study. The facility of the teachers including the industrial tie ups of the college always attracts the people to apply for admission here.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You need to secure 60% marks in your science groups
  1. MU OET

One of the major colleges in North India, The Manipal University has also given a chance for the students to be a part of it. You need to crack this exam with good marks to get a place secured.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You need to pass the 10+2 level

You need to have 60% scored in the science group subjects

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