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Online MBA- your stepping stone to success

With the growing corporate sector, the opportunity for business administration is also growing rapidly. The face of the MBA course has changed drastically in the last decade. The demand for MBA graduates is increasing exponentially. However, corporate organisations are not looking to hire just for any MBA graduates but for students with potential to step up in today’s competitive world. To be at par with the expectations of the corporate world it is not enough to merely be aware of theory based on textbook but also very important to have guidance from experts in order to have an insight into real world managerial roles and market trends.

With the changing times, the mode of education had also evolved; it is no longer restricted to the four walls of a classroom. Pondicherry University offers theMBA course for you to pursue from the comfort of your home. The course had been specifically tailored for students, working professionals helping them to achieve their goal with ease. The online MBA course in includes not only the academic curriculum but also the guidance need through online tutorials and one to one interactions South the faculty. The course is available through video tutorials. The content of the course is available both through online as well as the textbooks are delivered to the student.  The examinations are also conducted online. The quality of the distance education is maintained by the university’s senior and experienced faculty. Pondicherry University offers online MBA course in various specialization areas.

Every sector in management has its own importance and demand. Based on your area of interest you can choose the specialisation to master.

Online MBA course in marketing will help you to enhance and streamline your creative ideas to market a product and services. The course includes topics like Consumer Behaviour, Industrial Marketing, Supply Chain Management etc.. If you are good with numbers and the buzzwords like portfolio management, capital investment excite you then online MBA course in Finance Management will give you more insight into the national and international trends. Online MBA course in Tourism management course will bust your career prospects due to the boom in the tourism industry. Online MBA in International Business deals with subjects like International Business Environment, Management Of Multinational Corporation, Global Marketing Management for a start. The course will help you to ramp up to an international scale. Other than this Pondicherry University also offers Online MBA distance education in various other courses like Retail Management, Hospital Management, Insurance Management, HR Management, Operations and Supply and General among other interesting courses to choose from!

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