Winstrol and its side effects

Winstrol is a popular drug in use worldwide for promoting masculine muscular growth in men and women. But is seen that side effects are produced by the drug in men and women alike but the levels of side effects in men are more pronounced than those in women. It is an androgenic drug which inhibits the effects of estrogen in the body. Therefore it is mainly used by women athletes who want to build muscle with masculine effects. This drug is more popular in women. But overdose can lead to loss of secondary sexual features and also make women lose their feminism. Hence extreme caution must be taken for use of such drugs as a bit of carelessness can be very dangerous.

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Side effects of winstrol

Winstrol is an anabolic drug. Anabolic drugs are very popular among users because of their efficiency of providing best results in a short span of time. But the problem of using such drugs is that they are very dangerous to use if taken in incorrect doses. Otherwise also they may affect the human body system in a wrong way and cause many other tertiary effects. These are not desired by any user. Thus proper care must be taken while using these kinds of drugs. To get a good insight into such drugs, look up in online forums like for proper guidance, side effects and probable remedy. Among visible side effects of winstrol, masculinization, painful erections and tender breasts are a few to mention. Apart from these problems, there are other side effects which occur internally and alter the body cycles. These are very dangerous and may show up in the form of a grave disease when growing old. Effects of steroids in the human body are not equal in each case. Likewise, side effects of winstrol are also not equal in each case. There are some uncommon side effects seen in some cases as well. Some of them are thickening of the skin, liver damage, and even may lead to prostate cancer. These are dangerous but still lesser known side effects shown by use of this drug. It for this reason that professional help is required while going through steroid cycles like this one. If you face any of these side effects or have any possible irritation, then straight away discontinue the use of any kind of such drugs.

Points of winstrol over other commonly used steroids

Do not get turned down by the list of side effects shown by the use of winstrol. There are many reasons to be happy too if you are a regular winstrol user or are one who desires to get through a winstrol cycle! happily announces that winstrol has many good properties so that it makes winstrol score over other drugs providing the same results. Winstrol efficiently builds solid muscle mass which is long lasting if the user continues to be in a fitness program. Also, gynecomastia is not caused by winstrol which is a common side effect of other drugs serving the same purpose as this.

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