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The benefits of Icariin 60 extract

One of the best medicinal plants whose positive effects have been proven is the Horny Goat Weed, so much so that it is acknowledged as a health tonic. In addition to providing many health benefits, Horny goat weed is also useful to stimulate body energy. At least since thousand years, the extracts of the plant have been used in preparing medicines in many countries such as Korea and China. In fact, it was also used to treat sexual incompetency. One of the effective constituents of Horny goat weed is Icariin.

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Icariin 60 extract supplements can build muscles and enhance sexual energy

Icariin 60 extract supplements contain the extract of Horny goat weed and are proved to possess several health benefits. These supplements are referred to as Icariin 60 because they contain 60% of the compound. This is the ideal concentration because if it is too high or too low, it isn’t as effective.

Icariin is a flavonoid and is a PDE5 inhibitor which can remedy erectile dysfunction. PDE5 is a compound which is responsible for stopping blood flow to penis. The penis can be erect only when there is adequate blood flow and thus Icariin can be of great help to enhance sexual performance in men. Also, compared to synthetic medicines that help in treating sexual disorders, Icariin is comparatively much more effective.

Icariin 60 has been mainly found to be effective in improving testosterone levels, thereby preventing physical and mental tiredness. It can also help in maintaining bone health, thus preventing and treating osteoporosis, and other bone disorders. It can also increase blood flow in the body, and also enhance libido levels. It also can stimulate cognitive function and even alleviate depression symptoms.

Icariin 60 extracts also possess many medicinal properties and is anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory. It is also heart friendly and also protects liver and kidney, in addition to increasing testosterone levels.

Icarrin 60 extracts can help bodybuilders

Apart from its medicinal properties, Icariin 60 extracts can enhance nitric oxide or NO levels in the body. Nitric oxide helps in vasodilation which is widening of blood vessels. As blood vessels expand and contract, blood circulation is enhanced because of which nutrients can reach all parts of the body, including the muscles. When muscles are supplied with the nutrients, protein and oxygen, they grow and gain strength. Hence, bodybuilders gain much from Icariin 60 extracts supplements and it has been popular with them since years. It is not just in strengthening muscles that Icariin is of help, but also to preserve strength, energy and stamina which are vital for athletes and bodybuilders. As muscles get the required nutrients, it can perform better and also quickly recover from damage and injuries.

As of now, there have been enough studies on the effects of Icariin 60 when compared to epimedium extract but studies on its effects on human body are still not that conclusive. But the supplements can be taken those who wish to increase sexual potency and also build muscles as these supplements do not cause many side effects and are relatively safer compared to supplements that contain synthetic elements.

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