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Basic Electronic Testing Procedures for Heavy Machinery

While Start Pac isn’t responsible for aircraft testing, they know quite a bit about the electronic components of heavy machinery. The company manufactures the power supplies that keep planes operable mid-air, but they also make a variety of testing equipment designed to keep the planes, helicopters and trains you ride on in top shape.

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The average consumer plane requires some pre-flight cockpit checks related to the electrical systems. Systems such as navigation and lighting are important to check before you take off, because they will help with a variety of directional orientations while you’re soaring through the air. These systems can’t sustain on battery power alone, so trained technicians always carry portable power packs they can use to power critical systems before a flight, so as not to drain the battery of the plane prior to take off.

Just like an airplane requires something to jumpstart the turbines, a helicopter starting unit is used to get the rotors spinning. This is an important pre-flight check as the engines boot up.

Trains have the same requirements, requiring a jumpstart from a railroad locomotive starter before engines can fire up. This is especially true with freight trains, where an engine may be required to carry a great deal of weight.

The reason power is so important prior to using the device is to check for shorts. A short in a critical system could spell disaster, especially when heavy machinery is involved.

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