5 Indian Dishes You Must Try Before You Die!

Indians and their love for Indian dishes is world famous. No matter how much we huff or pant, but the spicy food is all that Indians love. Being a country of different traditions, cultures, and religions, now it’s time to discuss the cuisines of the country. From north to south and east to west, India is famous for its different varieties of food. So, if you are a foodie and experimenting with different cuisines is your hobby, you are at the right place. Indian cuisines give a different angle to your hobby with dishes of different flavors and colors. If you are travelling from one place to another in India to savor dishes by trainticket booking can be made online well in advance to add comfort.

Travelling is a wonderful way to savor cuisines from all the corners of India. Indian dishes have that portion of love that everyone craves for. When we talk about Indian dishes, it’s not noodles and burgers; it’s Masala Dosa, Gol Gappe, Dal BatiChurma, Biryani, Bhelpuri, Thukpa, Phirni, Sarson da saag, ChholeBhature, and much more. Out of these, 5 special and most amazing Indian dishes are a must try before you die!

ChholeBhature: A great delicacy of North India, ChholeBhature is a combination of two dishes with a perfect amalgam of spices. It has been said that culture and traditions divide people, but they are united by their love for ChholeBhature. Chhole is chickpeas prepared with a mix of various masalas, and Bhature is fried bread made of maida. The dish was originated in Punjab, but now you can savour it in any part of India. Easy availability and great taste have made it a famous street food in India. You can find the dish in all the eateries in North India.

Kheer: Kheer is an Indian porridge considered as a sweet dish and is a participant of all the special occasions. Simply made with milk and rice with exact sweetness, kheer is a South Asian dessert that is flavoured with dry fruits like almonds, cashews, saffron, pistachios, and saffron. This sweet dish has many faces and is prepared with different flavours. It is called payas in Bengal and is considered an auspicious dish. In Assam, it is known as payoxh and besides dry fruits; cherries are added to it that imparts a beautiful pink colour to the dish.

Sarson Da Saag: A special dish from Punjab, Sarson Da Saag is loved by all. A healthy and delicious dish, Sarson Da Saag is accompanied by ghee on Makkiki Roti. Makkiki Roti and Sarson daSaag make a great and delicious pair. With taste, this dish is also filled with nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and several vitamins.

Biryani- Though offered in all over India, Biryani of Hyderabad is considered famous and has developed a taste bar for it that is quite satisfying. Combination of rice, saffron, chicken pieces and spices, Biryani has a special relationship with Delhi and Hyderabad. You can get chicken biryani, goat biryani, and much more.

Dal BatiChurma: A typical yet famous dish from Rajasthan, Dal BatiChurma gives a beautiful flavour of spicy dal with sweet churma and deep fried bati. Bati is a Tennis ball-sized round balls that are prepared in a traditional oven.

Besides these dishes, you can also savour Bhelpuri that is spicy as well as the most lip-smacking snack Indians can ever have. Prepared with puffed rice, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, chutney and appropriate spices, this dish is widely available at various street stalls.

All these dishes have occupied the top place in the list of Indian delicacies. You can savour them in different locations, but the true flavour can only be gained where they are originated. Just go for train ticket bookingand move to the desired place in India to savour your preferred one.

Tax Implications When Selling a Home for a Loss

Taxes after Selling for a LossSelling a home can make you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. When you no longer have to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your home, you can also reduce worries about finances. Whether you have a house payment or not, there are still expenses to be addressed. Taxes and insurance can cost a lot depending on where you live, and when you want to sell you often have to do work on your home before you can do that. Overall, homes can be costly. When you reduce your costs and make your home more affordable it’s easier. But what about the tax implications of selling a house?

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Is It Your Personal Home?

According to the IRS, you can’t deduct a loss on the sale of your personal residence. It doesn’t matter how many years you lived there or how much you lost. If it’s your residence, the loss isn’t deductible. That’s very frustrating for a lot of people who bought when the market was high, because some of them have had to sell when the market was much lower. With that in mind, being sure that you know what your home is worth and what you can sell it for matters, but can be difficult to determine because the market is subject to change. The better deal you get when you buy, the lower the chances you’ll have to sell at a loss.

Do You Have Investment Properties?

When you have properties for investment, the rules are different. You can take a loss on those properties, because they aren’t your personal residence. An article in The Washington Post details information regarding investment homes and what you can come to expect from the IRS when you have to sell an investment home at a loss. In many cases, it’s much easier to write off losses that come from investment properties, as long as you can document those losses correctly. If you aren’t able to show your losses the right way, you may find that the IRS rejects what you’re trying to claim as a loss.

What Paperwork Do You Need?

If you sold a home in the last year, you’ll want to be able to show the IRS what you paid for it and what you sold it for, so you can make sure you don’t owe capital gains taxIf you took a loss on the home you won’t owe anything, but you likely won’t be able to claim that loss for any kind of deduction. Additionally, you’ll want to be careful about keeping paperwork from any investment properties, so you can claim any money you made and also show any true losses you had. Not all investment properties make money, and when you sell one at a loss you want to be able to prove that deduction.

Do You Need Professional Help?

A lot of investors choose not to look for professional assistance, but it varies from situation to situation. You should always speak to a financial advisor or accountant when dealing with tax implications. An accountant or legal professional familiar with what you’re doing can be a good choice, and can also help ensure that you have the right information to provide to the IRS when you’re claiming a loss on the sale of a house.

How to get a loan when in a bad financial situation

If you have a bad credit record, it’s hard to get your loan approved. Your options will be in a limited scope, and you’re probably be going to a more expensive option. But take note, getting a loan in this situation is only hard, but not impossible. Falling into a costly trap is a given possibility, but knowing these things can improve your chances of getting an approval. Let look closely at some ways on how to get a loan when in a bad financial situation.

Visit Credit Unions

Credit unions will be interested in giving you a loan even with your bad credit history. They will be more likely to check on you on a personal level- instead of checking on your credit history only. Understanding what led to a bad credit history is something credit unions – and not loan companies – will look upon to give a fair chance to borrowers.

Get a loan online by visiting a peer to peer site.

If you have a bad credit history in reality or paper only, then you better look this up, because it’s one option for lenders with not so favorable credit history. It’s not that new, and you’ve probably have done it before. But just to clarify, this type of lending doesn’t involve banks or online money lenders, but individuals who are willing to lend some amount. Fewer rules and terms, and less overhead costs for sure. And more importantly, it’s a more sympathetic option. But don’t be mistaken, they may have a good heart, but they still have no intentions of losing their money.

Try Friends & Family

The peer to Peer option may allow you to borrow from strangers. However, when circumstances fall for it, your friends and relatives or family may be your only option. Since they know you, there is an excellent chance that they would lend you the needed amount of loan. But if you do, however, it is highly advisable to treat it with high respect as you would – or even more – with reputable lending companies. A lot of families have been broken due to financial disputes, and it is the last thing you would want.

If your friends and family members won’t or are incapable of helping you though, you may still have the option of making them co signee’s to give your loan a better chance of approval.

Use Collateral

And finally, if you have no one to turn to or no one you know is willing to be a co-signer, perhaps something instead of someone may be your best option. This something can be anything that can qualify as collateral, which can be used to get your loans approved. By using something of value as collateral, your money lenders may see your sincerity and give you a better chance of getting your loans approved in no time. Having equities in your home may give you the option to borrow money against it – but such choice is hazardous.