PM Modi government’s strategic oil reserve move: 5 things you need to know about the pact between India and UAE PM Modi government’s strategic oil reserve move: 5 things you need to know about the pact between India and UAE

PM Narendra Modi-led Union Cabinet has cleared numerous pacts including a Definitive Agreement on Oil Storage and Management between ISPRL and ADNOC of UAE. After PM Modi ended his assembly election campaign in Varanasi, there was a flurry of activities found where the cabinet cleared many other pacts too including a Rs 4,500 crore project in order to revive 50 unserved and underserved airports, airstrips and a MoU between India and Portugal on cooperation in the field of IT & E, MoU on Renewable Energy. This came after PM Modi spent 3 days and addressed a number of rallies ahead of the assembly elections. The Cabinet has now approved the signing of Definitive Agreement on Oil Storage and Management between ISPRL, and ADNOC of UAE.

This move by the government seems to be aimed towards boosting India’s energy security. For this, the union cabinet gave post facto approval for signing of an agreement. This will ensure a strategic storage flow in for crude oil, from a government firm in Abu Dhabi for meeting unexpected future exigencies. The crude oil which will be stored, a majority of it will be used purely for strategic purposes, while some of it will be utilised for the commercial purpose. Here is everything you need to know about the PM Modi government’s strategic oil reserve move.

Govt approves oil storage pact with ADNOC. Here are 5 things you should know about the pact:

1. The Cabinet, on March 6, approved a pact on oil storage and management between Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserve (ISPRL) and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) of UAE.

2. The agreement dictates that ADNOC will fill up 0.81 MMT or 5,860,000 million barrels of crude oil at ISPRL storage facility at Mangalore, Karnataka.

3. According to an official statement, the ex-post facto approval for signing of the definitive agreement was approved by the Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

4. The official statement also said: “Out of the crude stored, some part will be used for the commercial purpose of ADNOC, while a major part will be purely for strategic purposes. The signing of the agreement will augment India’s energy security.”

Singapore’s DBS reports fall in Q4 net profit, increases allowances for bad loans

Singapore’s top lender DBS Group said Thursday that its fourth quarter 2016 net profit fell after it set aside 87 percent more money for bad loans coming mainly from the oil and gas industry.

:The DBS Group Holdings Ltd. logo is displayed atop the company's DBS Asia Hub building in Singapore, on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012.

The bank’s net profit in the fourth quarter of 2016 fell nearly 9 percent from the year-earlier period to S$913 million ($644 million), the bank said in an earnings release before the Singapore market opens. It set aside S$462 million ($326 million) in provisions for the quarter, up from S$247 million ($174 million) a year ago.

Full-year earnings came in at S$4.24 billion ($3 billion), falling 2 percent from a year earlier “as a stronger operating performance was offset by higher allowances.”

After three consecutive days of decline, DBS shares opened 0.4 percent higher on Thursday morning. Its smaller rivals, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) and United Overseas Bank (UOB), opened 0.1 percent higher and flat, respectively.

In the quarter, net interest income fell 2 percent to S$1.82 billion ($1.3 billion) as the net interest margin fell 13 basis points to 1.71 percent. Non-interest income rose 19 percent to S$952 million ($671 million).

The non-performing loan rate climbed to 1.4 percent, up from 0.9 percent in the year-earlier quarter.

“A significant part of the increase in non-performing loans and specific allowances for the full year and fourth quarter was due to stresses in the oil and gas support services sector,” the bank said in the release.

Easy Fix for Your Credit Score

During your lifetime, you can lose some hundreds to thousands of dollars to a bad credit score; it will cost you some serious cash! Bad credit score means higher interest rates for a loan and higher insurance premiums that will mount over the years. Bad credits can stop you from achieving major life goals, like buying a house, taking a vacation, going back to school, or even retiring on schedule.

But what if there are errors on your credit reports, or debts appearing multiple times? Even a credit that’s decades old, perhaps? In such cases, you’ll have to pay unfair interests on your credit card, mortgage, and car loan. You can approach each of the credit bureaus and update your credits profile, but that’s a drawn-out process. Instead, you can hire a credit repair company for increasing your credit score.

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All you need to know about credit repair

You can either repair your credits yourself, or hire credit repair companies to do it for you. Credit repair is the practice of fixing bad credit reports, and is as simple as fixing mistakes with the credit agencies. Extensive credit repair work may be required for major unfortunate events, like identity theft. But the general form of credit repair deals with fundamental financial concerns, like budgeting, updating profiles for loans, and much more.

A number of commerce firms claiming to do credit repairs have sprung up in recent years; some are genuine, while others are not. In many cases, legal and financial expertise may be needed to repair a bad credit score. Depending on the degree of the problem, it may involve simply cleaning up mistakes in the credit sheet or going for professional assistance.

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How credit repair companies work

Credit repair leverages your legal right to three standards – must be accurate, entirely fair, and fully corroborated. If the entries on your credit report don’t meet these standards, you may want to consider hiring a credit repair company.

A good credit repair company will first collect your credit reports and pinpoint your credit issues. The credit reports will be collected from 3 or more credit reporting agencies. This is done because each report may have diverse credit entries, which might be present in one and missing in the other. Once these errors have been identified, you need to submit supporting documents that may be used to validate any erroneous credit entries.

Credit repair companies will then review your credits, and produce a sample of precise credit evaluation. It then directs the supporting information and disputes to the respective data furnishers or bureaus. They will in turn work with your credit repair company to determine the necessary changes to in your credit report.

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Know your legal rights

No one can legally remove any negative information from a credit report. You can only request for an investigation – free of cost – on the erroneous information in your credit report. The Fair credit reporting Act connotes a few legal rights for the credit holder.

According to the law:

  • If a company takes any adverse actions against you, like denying your credit application, employment, or insurance, you’re entitled to a FREE credit report.
  • All nationwide credit reporting companies are authorized to provide you a free copy of your credit report once every year on request.
  • You’re not billable if you dispute inaccuracies in your credit report.

You can fix your credit reports yourself. However, there’s no quick-fix solution. Negative information that’s accurate can’t be changed, and will continue to reflect in your credit report for 7-10 years. You can maintain a good credit report by knowing your credit utilization rate, checking your credit report frequently, and tracking all credit reports that you hold.

Airtel starts India’s first payments bank service, to pay 7.25% interest on deposits

Airtel starts India's first payments bank service, to pay 7.25% interest on depositsAirtel has launched India’s first live payments bank on Wednesday, which would provide an interest of 7.25% per annum on deposits.


Aimed at testing systems and processes ahead of a full-scale pan-Indian launch, Airtel Payments Bank has rolled out a pilot of its banking services in Rajasthan, a company statement said on Wednesday. Airtel Payments Bank is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel.


It informs that account can be opened with Aadhaar based paperless e-KYC, with no extra documents required and customer’s Airtel mobile number would be his/her bank account number. The company intends to give an interest rate of 7.25% per annum on deposits in savings accounts.

Govt asks Nabard to disburse Rs 21,000 crore to farmers

Image result for Govt asks Nabard to disburse Rs 21,000 crore to farmersThe government has allowed National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) to disburse Rs 21,000 crore to cash-starved farmers, helping them sow winter crops like wheat ahead of the sowing season, Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta said on Wednesday.

The government’s demonetisation move, which swept away 86 per cent of currency in circulation, has badly hit farmers leaving them without cash just ahead of the sowing season.

Das said Nabard will disburse the money to farm cooperatives for onward payments to farmers.

“Nabard, for the facility of agricultural operations in the current rabi season and especially for the benefit of farmers, has sanctioned a special limit of Rs 21,000 crore to district central cooperative banks,” he told reporters in New Delhi.

More than 40 per cent small and marginal farmers get crop loans from cooperative institutions, he said.

The move is aimed at easing liquidity crisis facing farmers who were left with very little cash to buy seeds and fertilisers for winter crops due to restrictions placed on bank withdrawals post demonetisation.

This has threatened crop production in a year that came after two successive years of drought.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had on Tuesday relaxed rules on loans to farmers, allowing the Nabard to disburse up to Rs 23,000 crore to district cooperative banks for crop loans.

Das said that out of the total agriculture credit, institutional credit meets more than 40 per cent of the requirement of small and marginal farmers.

“So the sanction of Rs 21,000 crore to the district central cooperative banks (DCCBs) will enable them to pass on or grant funds to the primary agriculture cooperatives. This will then help in meeting crop loan requirements of farmers in Rabi season,” he said.

This, he said, will help in the smooth flow of credit for farmers to enable them to undertake rabi requirements.

“Over and above this Rs 21,000 limit, as and when the additional limits are required, they will also be sanctioned by the Nabard,” he said.

To ensure farmers get credit in cash, the government has advised the Nabard, the RBI and banks to make the required cash available.

Banks have been asked to ensure the district cooperative banks and regional rural banks, which provide loans to several farmers’ cooperatives, get sufficient cash.

“DCCBs will get their cash from currency chests of banks and state cooperatives. Nabard has created a list of DCCBs and their list of requirements have been given to banks,” he said.

Why do you need a comprehensive insurance plan

Are you searching for a term plan? If yes, would you prefer a plan that is a pure term plan or one that gives you a little extra than a simple term plan. Let us examine the need for a comprehensive term plan over a pure term plan.

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Death after a long illness

As in the above example, when you are fighting with an illness for a long time, you need funds to take care of routine payments like utility bills, children’s fees etc. Even after having the funds and the right treatment, you may meet with an unfortunate demise. In such a case, your family also needs financial security. A comprehensive plan like Edelweiss Tokio Life – Total Secure + covers both the scenarios.

Financial protection for transplants

In case you require an organ transplant, the costs of the same can be humongous with out-of-pocket costs like your own transportation or that of the donor. If the organ is being donated posthumously, the transplant has to be done immediately. In such cases, you may needs funds to get admitted to a hospital of your choice or where the organ location is. Even if you are covered by a mediclaim, you may not be able to avail of cashless facility for the same. This plan allows you to avail of a lumpsum amount on occurrence of a critical illness.

Taking care of your parents and kids

If you are the breadwinner of your family and have the responsibility of tending to your aged parents and young kids, both of whom are unable to add to the income of the family, an unfortunate event can burden your spouse immensely. This event can be in the form of a critical illness or your unfortunate demise, both of which are covered by this plan.

So if you are hunting for a term plan, go for a comprehensive protection plan rather than a pure term plan.  Generate a quote today for a comprehensive and complete plan like Edelweiss Tokio Life – Total Secure +. It protects yourself and your family members from the financial burden of a critical illness and your untimely demise respectively.

Basic Electronic Testing Procedures for Heavy Machinery

While Start Pac isn’t responsible for aircraft testing, they know quite a bit about the electronic components of heavy machinery. The company manufactures the power supplies that keep planes operable mid-air, but they also make a variety of testing equipment designed to keep the planes, helicopters and trains you ride on in top shape.

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The average consumer plane requires some pre-flight cockpit checks related to the electrical systems. Systems such as navigation and lighting are important to check before you take off, because they will help with a variety of directional orientations while you’re soaring through the air. These systems can’t sustain on battery power alone, so trained technicians always carry portable power packs they can use to power critical systems before a flight, so as not to drain the battery of the plane prior to take off.

Just like an airplane requires something to jumpstart the turbines, a helicopter starting unit is used to get the rotors spinning. This is an important pre-flight check as the engines boot up.

Trains have the same requirements, requiring a jumpstart from a railroad locomotive starter before engines can fire up. This is especially true with freight trains, where an engine may be required to carry a great deal of weight.

The reason power is so important prior to using the device is to check for shorts. A short in a critical system could spell disaster, especially when heavy machinery is involved.

The benefits of Icariin 60 extract

One of the best medicinal plants whose positive effects have been proven is the Horny Goat Weed, so much so that it is acknowledged as a health tonic. In addition to providing many health benefits, Horny goat weed is also useful to stimulate body energy. At least since thousand years, the extracts of the plant have been used in preparing medicines in many countries such as Korea and China. In fact, it was also used to treat sexual incompetency. One of the effective constituents of Horny goat weed is Icariin.

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Icariin 60 extract supplements can build muscles and enhance sexual energy

Icariin 60 extract supplements contain the extract of Horny goat weed and are proved to possess several health benefits. These supplements are referred to as Icariin 60 because they contain 60% of the compound. This is the ideal concentration because if it is too high or too low, it isn’t as effective.

Icariin is a flavonoid and is a PDE5 inhibitor which can remedy erectile dysfunction. PDE5 is a compound which is responsible for stopping blood flow to penis. The penis can be erect only when there is adequate blood flow and thus Icariin can be of great help to enhance sexual performance in men. Also, compared to synthetic medicines that help in treating sexual disorders, Icariin is comparatively much more effective.

Icariin 60 has been mainly found to be effective in improving testosterone levels, thereby preventing physical and mental tiredness. It can also help in maintaining bone health, thus preventing and treating osteoporosis, and other bone disorders. It can also increase blood flow in the body, and also enhance libido levels. It also can stimulate cognitive function and even alleviate depression symptoms.

Icariin 60 extracts also possess many medicinal properties and is anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory. It is also heart friendly and also protects liver and kidney, in addition to increasing testosterone levels.

Icarrin 60 extracts can help bodybuilders

Apart from its medicinal properties, Icariin 60 extracts can enhance nitric oxide or NO levels in the body. Nitric oxide helps in vasodilation which is widening of blood vessels. As blood vessels expand and contract, blood circulation is enhanced because of which nutrients can reach all parts of the body, including the muscles. When muscles are supplied with the nutrients, protein and oxygen, they grow and gain strength. Hence, bodybuilders gain much from Icariin 60 extracts supplements and it has been popular with them since years. It is not just in strengthening muscles that Icariin is of help, but also to preserve strength, energy and stamina which are vital for athletes and bodybuilders. As muscles get the required nutrients, it can perform better and also quickly recover from damage and injuries.

As of now, there have been enough studies on the effects of Icariin 60 when compared to epimedium extract but studies on its effects on human body are still not that conclusive. But the supplements can be taken those who wish to increase sexual potency and also build muscles as these supplements do not cause many side effects and are relatively safer compared to supplements that contain synthetic elements.

Winstrol and its side effects

Winstrol is a popular drug in use worldwide for promoting masculine muscular growth in men and women. But is seen that side effects are produced by the drug in men and women alike but the levels of side effects in men are more pronounced than those in women. It is an androgenic drug which inhibits the effects of estrogen in the body. Therefore it is mainly used by women athletes who want to build muscle with masculine effects. This drug is more popular in women. But overdose can lead to loss of secondary sexual features and also make women lose their feminism. Hence extreme caution must be taken for use of such drugs as a bit of carelessness can be very dangerous.

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Side effects of winstrol

Winstrol is an anabolic drug. Anabolic drugs are very popular among users because of their efficiency of providing best results in a short span of time. But the problem of using such drugs is that they are very dangerous to use if taken in incorrect doses. Otherwise also they may affect the human body system in a wrong way and cause many other tertiary effects. These are not desired by any user. Thus proper care must be taken while using these kinds of drugs. To get a good insight into such drugs, look up in online forums like for proper guidance, side effects and probable remedy. Among visible side effects of winstrol, masculinization, painful erections and tender breasts are a few to mention. Apart from these problems, there are other side effects which occur internally and alter the body cycles. These are very dangerous and may show up in the form of a grave disease when growing old. Effects of steroids in the human body are not equal in each case. Likewise, side effects of winstrol are also not equal in each case. There are some uncommon side effects seen in some cases as well. Some of them are thickening of the skin, liver damage, and even may lead to prostate cancer. These are dangerous but still lesser known side effects shown by use of this drug. It for this reason that professional help is required while going through steroid cycles like this one. If you face any of these side effects or have any possible irritation, then straight away discontinue the use of any kind of such drugs.

Points of winstrol over other commonly used steroids

Do not get turned down by the list of side effects shown by the use of winstrol. There are many reasons to be happy too if you are a regular winstrol user or are one who desires to get through a winstrol cycle! happily announces that winstrol has many good properties so that it makes winstrol score over other drugs providing the same results. Winstrol efficiently builds solid muscle mass which is long lasting if the user continues to be in a fitness program. Also, gynecomastia is not caused by winstrol which is a common side effect of other drugs serving the same purpose as this.

Binary Options Strategies for Newcomers

Binary options have caught the fascination of many traders who look to earn money faster than the conventional investment ways. Though they are considered somewhat risky, there is no doubt that these options are much more lucrative than any other form of investment or trading alternatives. Since not much money is needed to gain from these options, many people are now considering them as a convenient way to make money.


About Binary Options

They are aspecial type of variants of options. Options, as we know are derivatives. The investor or trader gets to buy a contract, in which if the predictions of the trader isright then he or she gets the sum agreed as in the contract, or nothing if his/her prediction fails. In contrast, conventional options contract allow the investors or traders to opt out of the contract if the price of anunderlying asset is not moving in the direction as anticipated by them or fail to reach the amount that they anticipated, absorbing fewerlosses in the process. In binary options, there is no way the buyer can mitigate losses from within the contract. The option buyer has to look at other strategies to play in this market and earn profits. The word “call” is for investment or buying, and the word “put” is for selling. If you are a beginner and want to know more about “what are binary options,” then you should certainly read the helpful guides to gain the comprehensive knowledge about binary options.

Binary Options Strategies

Over the years several strategies have been identified for earning profits from binary options trades. Some binary options traders are comfortable with sticking with one strategy whereas others prefer changing plans depending upon asset on which the binary option is based. Yet others combine these strategies.

Here are a few of the commonly used binary options strategies that traders use and which any newcomer desirous of trading in binary options should learn.

  1. Trend Strategy

As the name suggests, it is based on thetrend. If the market is moving upwards, it indicates the trend upwards, and betting on the asset’s price moving upwards is more likely to fetch profits. The trend lines are straight lines tracing the candle graph of the asset’s price movement on theexchange. If the slope of this line is minimal, trading in binary options needs to be avoided. The rule is to buy a “call” binary option if the trend is upwards and opt for “put” binary option if the trend is downwards.

  1. Pinocchio Strategy

This is a more complex strategy and needs more study. Here too charts of asset price are examined. The movement is referred to as pin bar or wick. Usually, when the pin bar moves downwards sharply, the price of anunderlying asset is likely to move up. Vice versa, if it is moving down gradually with short wicks, then it is liable to continue to be on adowntrend. Similarly, when the asset’s price is moving upwards, shorter spurts in prices are indicative of anupward trend, whereas sudden sharp spurt upwards indicates thelikelihood of the asset’s price slipping. This strategy is so named because the longer nose of Pinocchio and longer candle wick are anindication of alie regarding direction. Though it is a good strategy, it may not always be perfect. It requires stop loss that is significant and speed in taking decisions. Effectively when the wick is down “call” or “buy” direction is to be selected, and when the wick is up, “put” or “sell” binary option is to be selected. From a newbie’s perspective,much practice is needed in following this strategy, though once mastered, it can be quite fetching.

  1. Straddle Strategy

Traders use this almost in every market. But usually, this approach is applied when the market is anticipating some news related to the underlying asset of the binary option. What the traders do is, use “put” when the price is high, and use “call” when the asset price is low. This, of course, is the standard policy. But traders also use the reverse of it also immediately and alternately following the sale, anticipating sharp reversals of the trend. Any of the two trades could be bringing you the good results.

  1. Risk Reversal

This is similar to straddle strategy. Calls and puts are on the same asset. It is basically a defensive strategy meant for reducing risks if any. Profits are also lower. The difference between the two is that straddle is a continuous process, whereas risk reversal is done simultaneously.

  1. Hedging

Unlike risk reversal method, in hedging, two different assets are used, and calls or buys apply to one asset and puts, or sellsare applied to the other asset.

  1. Research and Analysis of the Fundamentals of the Asset

This is acrucial aspect of any trade, be it in thestock market, commodity market, or forex market. This is the most reliable part of the information and comprises almost 20% of the asset’s price movement probability.


There is no denying that binary options are a risky proposition. But risks can be reduced by setting aside the capital to be used for this. Effectively, that money may be deemed lost. Not more than 5% should be employed for each binary options contract. At the most, this may be extended to 10% of that allocated capital. Not more than 25% of capital should be invested in trades at any point in time.