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RBI, Sebi better than peers in China, US, reveals study

RBI, Sebi better than peers in China, US, reveals study


India’s financial market regulatory framework on Thursday got the top-most ratings from the global bodies of banking and capital market regulators, with RBI andSebi being rated better than their peers in China and the US.

In the latest global ‘assessment study’ of the regulatory framework for financial mar ket infrastructures across the world, only six countries, including India, have got the highest score of 4 for all eight parameters on a scale of one to four. The other five countries are Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.The ‘Rating Level 4’ means that RBI and Sebi have all regulatory measures “fully in force”.

The annual assessment studies the implementation status of the international Principles for Financial Mar ket Infrastructure (PFMIs) in various countries These PFMIs work as global standards for the financial sector entities across the world and have been finalised by the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the Bank for Interna tional Settlements (BIS).

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