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6 reasons that make SMS marketing a smart investment

There are several ways to connect your brand can take to connect with your potential consumers, including, direct mail, email, social media, digital advertising and print campaigns. One approach that you must consider is BulkSMS marketing. Text messages not only have high engagement rates, but they are also comparatively affordable to send and receive, which makes this form of advertisement a smart investment.


  • Lower competition

When sending texts to your subscribers, you don’t have to worry about competing marketing texts. Most probably, your subscribers are not getting SMS from your competitors, or at least not many of them. You are reaching out to people who want to get your texts, and are not oversaturated with texts.

  • High engagement rates

Recipients not just read text messages but they also engage and act. Text messages have 8 times the response rate of email. This means that people engage with text and take action whether it is attending an event, redeeming an offer or clicking a link. SMS also have high offer redemption as compared to other marketing techniques.

  • Immediate and simple engagement

You can easily engage with your consumers through transactional SMS. A smart messaging service makes it simple to create a message and send it to all your subscribers or the selected group. This also assists you target people that have decided to opt into your campaign, increasing the chance they will use your services or buy your products. In addition, SMS are read within 3 minutes, which means that you can rely on transactional SMS for instant results.

  • High open rate

Almost everyone opens SMS, so text message has a huge impact. Out of all marketing channels, Bulk SMS has the highest open rate. Almost 100% of texts are open and read. This is very high than direct mail and email, which have rates close to 5% and 20%, respectively. This high open rate makes certain that consumers see your text, increasing the probability that they will take the call to action.

  • Cost effective

You not only save money in the creation of text, but also on the delivery. SMS service is comparatively pocket friendly; a few pennies is all you need to send a text message. As SMS have high open and engagement rates, there is higher probability for an improved return on investment. This makes it a great way to reach to your customers without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Inexpensive and easy to create

You don’t have to create costly graphics for the content of your text message

An important reason that bulk SMS has become so popular is that it is inexpensive and simple to create the message. You just have to create a 160 character message that gives out your message and has a call to action. You don’t have to worry about hiring expensive services of content writer and graphics designer, and no coding or testing is needed. As these are simple messages, they are easy to receive and read by most mobile users.

SMS marketing is a powerful and cost effective marketing channel that can easily fit into your marketing budget. So, wait no longer and start using text messages today for your brand.