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Main features to find in a budget phone

Mobile phones these days are filled with tons of features – some of which aren’t commonly known to people. There are several features phone that are not used frequently and some which are not used at all. People love to compare mobiles with their friends before buying devices but the main features one must see are often ignored. People mainly look at the design, screen size and camera – but of these, only camera is the important. Looks and Screen Size matter but there are 5 other features that matter the most:


Having a big screen size and good design will be of no use if the phone keeps hanging every time you open an app. Having a good RAM is very important and most apps these days are always running in the background and take at 40-50% of RAM at the least. Having at least 2GB of RAM in the mobile is important and ideal for all.



It’s probably THE most important feature you should think of when you are selecting the phone. The phone having a good RAM and Storage is nothing without a good processor. It’s necessary for you to check the best processor available in the market. You need to make sure that phone’s got the version available at your budget.


Screen Quality:

            The main feature one finds in a phone is the screen. The quality of display will determine the flow of your phone useage. If the display and the touch sensitivity is good, you will find it smooth to use your phone. But, if you have a display that’s dodgy, it’ll make your experience with the phone a rather difficult one.


Battery Life:

            Mobile phone companies have finally started to concentrate on bringing out their phones with the best battery available. People are no longer ‘adjusting’ with the battery life and are straight away going for the phones with the best battery. A standard of at least 3000mAh has been set these days and that’s more than enough to last one day. At the same time, there are phones now that offer even higher mAh in battery but are not upto the mark.



Taking photos, especially selfies is now one of the most important things a phone is used for these days. But not all budget phones come with good camera. Many phones offer over 13MP camera but the picture quality is not always good. The reason behind this is the sensor they use. Having a higher megapixel will not be directly affecting the photo quality but having a better sensor will. Make sure that you are choosing the right phone with a camera sensor.

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