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Online gaming industry investing in the VR technology

Online gaming industry investing in the VR technology is something that was bound to happen anyway. It’s a trend that is really gaining momentum as far as online gambling is concerned. VR technology now touches on all industries and sectors, and it’s geared to appeal to all types of uses.

The mainstream players could have contributed to this gain in momentum

Leading organizations like Sony have already begun including VR technology on their video game as well as other entertainment offerings. On the other hand, Facebook recently acquired Virtual Reality developer or the so-called Oculus Rift, and this was to expand their social media presence in a whole new way.

But these are not the only organizations that are working with VR technology to improve their service offerings. Online gambling websites have also joined the bandwagon, and they are offering a promising future to those who will take part in online slots or traditional casino games.


The statistics that indicate a momentum in this trend

Statistics cannot lie, and this may be the reason why online casino sites have begun the race of heavily investing in VR technology and the relevant apparatus.

In the last 12 months, the number of those who have adopted it has risen dramatically, and there is no doubt that these figures will sustain momentum as far as online slots gambling is concerned. It is expected that the technology will be used by some 171 million individuals come 2018, and thus VR will be the standard for those who don’t want to approach the online casino in the most traditional manner.

These numbers also suggest that revenue will sharply increase to $3.89 billion dollars if that momentum is sustained in 2018. These numbers are remarkable because they give online casinos enough reasons to plan ahead by investing in the technology at its early stages.


The scenes of early 2016 Mobile World congress

If you attended the World Mobile Congress (2016), you wouldn’t miss how techies present their perspective in the world of VR technology. This out-of-nowhere exposition of interest in VR seem sadden, and it looks like it is going to stay at least for the short term.

Even though online gambling has not been as vocal as other sectors and how they are implementing VR technology, there is evidence that online casinos may start implementing it in full throttle, and this will see the platforms offering unique and exciting gaming opportunities.

Because the virtual casino is now growing in popularity as more people are becoming accustomed to next-age gaming, it would only be correct to say that this statement is not far-fetched. People are sitting with VR headsets across tables and playing from the comfort of their homes. They could even attend major spotting events and bet on these games without spending on air tickets.

The idea is to simulate a real land-based casino or a video game to create a special immersive experience. After all, young players are into immersive and social gaming more than traditional gaming. Thankfully, online casinos now don’t want to appear more boring to the young player. Instead, they want to revamp their technology so they can bring VR and attract the millenials.

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