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Breaking Down the Essential Components of a GPU

Summary: GPUs are crucial maintenance equipment units.

Ground power units are crucial aircraft support equipment pieces that are used to power an unpowered aircraft while it is parked on the runway or anywhere on the ground. Similar to a shoreline power source that is used for ships that are docked on port and their engines switched off, these units are mobile, powerful, and vital to operations.

Assistive Devices

GPUs in this day an age are highly considered as ground handling and assistance devices primarily because they allow the crew to perform maintenance and service on the plane without using the plane’s onboard APU. Essentially, all the power that is supplied is coming straight from the mobile 28 volt battery pack. Ground power units are also crucial when it comes to testing aircraft and maintaining procedures that require the use of an aircraft’s electronic and hydraulic systems.

They can be utilized to turn on the plane and set it to the preparatory stages. Normally, the APU will power the electronic, electrical, and hydraulic programs. However, while using 28 volt power supplies via the GPU, one can gain access to everything through this external power source.

At Start Pac, we deliver the finest ground power units that are being circulated throughout major airports, as well as smaller airports, today. With a keen eye on quality, all of our ground power units are portable, powerful, and perfect for your aircraft. Each and every one of our GPUs are designed to handle the most advanced aircraft and supply it with optimal power.

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