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A Brief Note On Faith Based Health Share

Our health is an imperative part of our lives. Being healthy does not just mean that you have healthy physicality. WHO defined Health as and I quote, “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness or infirmity.”

What Is A Health Insurance?

A Health care insurance is a protection policy which covers the hospitalization, medical as well as surgical costs in case of an emergency regarding the person who is insured. It repays the costs caused because of ailment or accident or pays the particular hospital of the insured individual directly.

Usually, insurance agencies have links with the main medical facilities in order to give cashless treatment to the insured person. On the off chance that the insurance agency has no links with the hospital facility, they will repay the expense of costs brought about by the person who is insured.

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Importance Of A Health Insurance

Purchasing a health or medical care insurance for yourself and your family is an imperative decision. Since, wellness and medical consideration are very costly, particularly in the private medical divisions. Hospitalization can dig deeper in your pocket and they can flush away your all savings.

All these situations can be kept away by just simply paying little yearly installments, which would reduce your worry if there is an occurrence of medicinal crises in the future. In case you want or looking for a health insurance, you can refer to this website  indyhealthagent.com, which can provide you with the best plans.

Health sharing membership of Faith based health share

A health sharing membership is a gathering of similarly invested people that consented to come together and help each other pay their medical costs and expenses. They offer faith based health share for making arrangements for unanticipated medical costs.

This Faith based health share program is not for everybody, except they are certainly for, who have same faiths and beliefs.  Human Faith based health share is service or associations in the United States that encourages sharing of medical or health insurance costs among individual and individuals, who have believe in same morals or religious convictions.

Faith based health share is almost like the Medi-share as the Medi-Share is a network of Christians people who have consented to sharing each other’s problems. Individuals share each other’s qualified medical expenses.


  • It is cost-effective due to regular money contributions.
  • Members are not subject to the penalty, if they don’t carry insurance.
  • It doesn’t impose lifetime or annual limits.
  • Membership is not affected by employment and resident status.
  • Audited yearly to ensure financial stability.


  • It is not an actual insurance. The individual is not guaranteed coverage.
  • Limitations related with the prior conditions.
  • Prior conditions means additional installment every month.
  • As a faith based system, you are required to follow some peculiar rules like attending church.
  • It cannot be used as health savings account.