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Petrol Price Hiked For Fourth Day In A Row

Petrol Price Hiked For Fourth Day In A Row

Domestic petrol and diesel prices are determined broadly by crude oil and rupee-dollar forex rates


Petrol prices were hiked in metros on Monday compared with the previous day’s rates. In Delhi and Mumbai, the price of petrol was raised by 12 paise per litre each with effect from 6 am on November 25, according to notifications from Indian Oil Corporation. Diesel rates in the two metros were however kept unchanged at the same levels as Sunday. Monday’s hike marked the fourth consecutive revision in the price of petrol. The status quo on diesel rates however followed two days of reduction. (Also read: How to find out latest petrol and diesel rates on your mobile)

Here’s how the petrol and diesel prices (in rupees per litre) have changed in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai today:

Date November 25 November 24
Petrol Diesel Petrol Diesel
Delhi 74.66 65.73 74.54 65.73
Kolkata 77.34 68.14 77.22 68.14
Mumbai 80.32 68.94 80.2 68.94
Chennai 77.62 69.47 77.49 69.47
(Source: Indian Oil Corporation)

Petrol, Diesel Price In Delhi

In Delhi, the price of petrol was Rs. 74.66 per litre and that of diesel Rs. 65.73 per litre on Monday. The petrol rate in the national capital was Rs. 74.54 per litre the previous day, according to Indian Oil Corporation, the country’s largest fuel retailer.

Petrol, Diesel Price In Mumbai

In Mumbai, the price of petrol was revised to Rs. 80.32 per litre on Monday, from Rs. 80.20 per litre the previous day, while the diesel rate stood at Rs. 68.94 – the same level as the Sunday.