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Personal finance classroom S2 E3: How to make your first investment

How to make your first crore? That’s what many of us would want to know. Young millennials who are fresh out of college or are into their first or second jobs have just found their financial independence. The urge to spend money is definitely there. To be able buy things you can now afford and for which you don’t have to keep running to your parents for pocket money gives you a sense of independence like none other. That is fine, but it’s also important to start investing. Your money journey begins now.

COVID-19 pandemic has taught us an important lesson: income and jobs are uncertain. One pandemic can wipe out industries, companies and so many jobs.

Welcome to Moneycontrol’s personal finance classroom for the millennial, season 2. In this season, we go on a money journey with the young millennial to protect health and wealth. In this season we tell you all about managing money during COVID-19 times. In our last episode, we spoke about the need to purchase health insurance first and foremost.

In our third episode, we will talk investments. Where should you invest? What should be your first investment? How to balance your expenses and savings? And is it even possible to save when you’re paying rent in a big city?

Moneycontrol’s social media editor Raksha Bihani talks to Moneycontrol’s personal finance editor, Kayezad E Adajania, to explain to the millennial how to make your first investments.

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