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Moong Dal Pakodi Curry – A Flavourful And Unique Twist To Your Regular Dal Recipe

Hate it or love it, you can’t ignore the fact that lentils are truly a healthy addition to your daily meals. Lentils are one of the primary sources of protein in the vegetarian diet. Moong Dal, for instance, comprises an impressive 24 grams of protein per 100 grams as per the USDA. If you thought there is only one way to make the Moong Dal – you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Moong Dal Pakodi Curry also known as Moong Dal ki Goli is one eclectic recipe which brings together the healthy lentil and an array of spices.Moong Dal <i>Pakodi</i> Curry - A Flavourful And Unique Twist To Your Regular Dal Recipe

If you’re wondering what exactly the Moong Dal Pakodi Curry recipe is, here’s a way to understand it. Remember the popular street food – Moong DalPakodi (aka ram laddoo) – that is consumed with spicy green chutney and grated radish especially during winter season? Well, the Moong Dal ki Goli recipe takes it a step further and combines it with a spicy and drool worthy onion-tomato masala.

7bd3delMoong Dal Pakori curry uses the popular street food Ram Laddoo. 

How To Make Moong Dal Pakodi Curry | Moong Dal Ki Goli Recipe

The recipe begins with soaking and grinding of the Moong Dal. Once the ground dal is ready, a few spices and condiments are added to it to make the batter for the Goli or Pakodi in the recipe. Round dumplings are formed with the batter and then deep fried till crisp and golden-brown. Next, the gravy for the Moong Dal ki Goli is prepared using a mix of onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and other quintessential Indian spices. Then the fried Moong Dal dumplings are added to the gravy and the dish is ready to be served.

Pamper your loved ones and reinvent your classic meal fare with this innovative Moong Dal ki Goli recipe. We promise you’ll be making it again very soon!