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Delish Barbecue In Noida Is The Perfect Place To Dine This Season – Here’s Why

Lockdown had us all craving for outside food, but now that it is over there are some delicious options of eateries that are making their way into the business. One such eatery is Delish Barbecue. It has a host of options that sit perfectly on barbecue-centric menu. While we would have loved to have a tet-a-tet with the barbecue, we had to resort to home delivery and we were happily surprised with the food. The food while still raking of burnt coal and barbecued spices did transport us to a live barbecue.Delish Barbecue In Noida Is The Perfect Place To Dine This Season - Here's Why

We started with the panchranga paneer platter, which was an assortment of five kinds of paneer. The paneer cubes were succulent and well dressed with different Indian spice mixes that one usually finds in restaurants. We highly recommend you to try this paneer dish. The other dishes that we tried for starters were Surkh Teekha Masala Tabdoori Murg and Ajwaini Fish Tikka. While the ajwaini tikka was good, the tandoor murgh was a little too oily for the palate. The tandoori murgh was dipped in a semi-dipped gravy which tasted really good but it was difficult to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of oil floating in it.


Fish Tikka

For the main course, we had dal makhni, Bhuna Murg Lahori and Adrak Dhaniya Murg but one dish stood out for us that is worth mentioning: Dhaniya Adraki Murg. The chicken pieces were very well marinated and the adrak in the gravy did not shy away from shining in the dish. We highly recommend trying Dhaniya Adraki murg. One could also order Dal Makhni here and go home happy with a wholesome meal. The dal makhni had a delightful balance of cardamom, laung, black pepper and cinnamon with the underlying flavour of butter (makkhan).


Dal Makhani

In all, the restaurant rates well in terms of its flavours and does not make a hole in your pocket. So, if you are looking for a casual dining experience with spicy Indian flavours in budget we recommend you try Delish Barbecue.